05/27/2016 12:15 EDT

'Thank You Stephen Harper' Hashtag Backfires On Twitter


On Thursday, Stephen Harper gave his first speech since stepping down as leader of the Conservative Party.

The former prime minister addressed about 2,000 delegates at the Tories' policy convention in Vancouver, thanking his family, his staff, his caucus, and party loyalists for the roles they've played in building the modern-day Conservative movement.

As Harper stepped on stage, a screen displayed a hashtag that supporters could use to thank him on social media.

At first, some Tory MPs and supporters sent out tweets using the #ThankYouStephenHarper tag:

But, as some users predicted, the hashtag was quickly hijacked:

The hashtag was still trending on Friday morning:

The Tories are gathered in Vancouver for a three-day review of their policies and constitution and will select a new leader in 2017.

With files from The Canadian Press

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