06/02/2016 14:10 EDT | Updated 06/03/2017 01:12 EDT

Legislature overtime: Alberta sitting extended, debate rages on carbon tax bill

EDMONTON — The spring sitting of the Alberta legislature is going into overtime as debate rages over the government's climate change bill.

The sitting was supposed to end today, but will continue next week as opposition members are proposing a number of amendments to the bill.

They have particular concerns over the cost and implementation of the multibillion-dollar carbon tax.

The tax would increase the cost of heating bills and gasoline to encourage Albertans to go greener.

The bill is at the stage where members can propose changes and speak to them at length, which can tie the legislature up in long days of debate.

Government house leader Brian Mason says he hopes to deal with all the amendments so that the government doesn't have to invoke its power to cut off debate to pass the bill.