06/02/2016 19:55 EDT | Updated 06/03/2017 01:12 EDT

New PC government in Manitoba will review cosmetic herbicides ban

WINNIPEG — Manitoba's new Progressive Conservative government will review the province's cosmetic herbicides ban.

Sustainable Development Minister Cathy Cox says in a statement that the government will be reviewing the legislation to ensure it is in the best interests of Manitobans.

The ban was mandated by the former NDP government in 2015 and it requires lawn care companies and municipalities to use eco-friendly products for weed control.

Cox says the government is happy to meet with stakeholders to discuss concerns, and that it will consider legislation in other jurisdictions as part of the review process.

Earlier this week, the Association of Manitoba Municipalities said it hoped the new government would overturn the ban.

Joe Masi, executive director with the association, says the ban is costing municipalities more money to control weeds and the recommended products aren't as effective.

(CTV Winnipeg)