06/03/2016 06:10 EDT | Updated 06/03/2016 06:59 EDT

Earls Restaurant Puts Alberta Beef Back On The Menu At Some Locations

It'll be served at seven locations around Alberta.

Jonathan Hayward/CP

Earls is once again serving Canadian beef.

The Vancouver-based restaurant chain backed down from its original plan to ditch Alberta beef, after its decision to switch entirely to U.S. beef caused controversy in April.

The company had said Alberta suppliers were unable to provide enough 100 per cent certified humane beef to meet its needs, but has now changed its tune.

Earls announced Wednesday that seven of its 24 Alberta locations will be serving humane Alberta beef. The steaks, which are from Aspen Ridge Farms, will also be $5 off.

"People have voted with their feet," Richard Daley, co-owner of Earls Lethbridge told CTV News.

Daley wrote in a letter to the Lethbridge Herald that the loss of his customers' trust has had a significant impact on his business.

Earls has said on its website that its goal is to eventually supply all of its restaurants with Canadian beef.

Over 90 per cent of beef produced in Alberta has antibiotics, according to The Edmonton Journal, so it might be a long road ahead for both beef producers and Earls.

The Earls locations that will be serving Alberta beef are:

  • Medicine Hat - 3215 Dunmore Rd, Medicine Hat, Alta.
  • Lethbridge - 203 13 St., Lethbridge, Alta.
  • South Commons - 1505 99 St., Edmonton, Alta.
  • 170th - 9961 170 St., Edmonton, Alta.
  • Calgary Tin Palace - 2401 4 St., Calgary, Alta.
  • Barlow - 3030 23 St., Calgary, Alta.
  • Shepard - 5155 130 Ave., Calgary, Alta.

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