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Expiration Dates Don't Have To Be Confusing

Believe it or not, some things never expire.

There's nothing worse than opening up the fridge to pour a glass of milk and noticing the date on the package has long since expired.

It smells fine, and pours steady, but is it really safe to drink? Maybe.

In the video above by Watch Mojo, we learn five important facts about expiration dates — like how some foods don't need them and others can last up to 30 years!

And there's a big difference between sell by, best before and use by dates. Different countries have different rules, but generally speaking best before and use by dates are recommendations for freshness while sell by dates are really only for retailers, and can be short to help suppliers offload products quickly.

And food isn't the only thing that expires: medications and household cleaners also expire but mainly because their chemical composition breaks down over time.

Watch the video above to learn more about those confusing codes on your packaged goods.

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