06/03/2016 19:54 EDT | Updated 06/04/2017 01:12 EDT

Marlins post premature tribute to ailing Ali on scoreboard

MIAMI — The Miami Marlins have showed a photo of Muhammad Ali on their video board indicating the heavyweight champion died, although there has been no announcement of his passing.

Marlins president David Samson said he had been informed Ali died. Samson declined to identify the source of the information. Ali was hospitalized in the Phoenix area battling serious respiratory problems.

Moments after Miami's game Friday night against the Mets ended, a photo was displayed on the video board at Marlins Park showing a triumphant Ali standing over Sonny Liston at the end of their 1965 fight. Shown in the corner were these dates: "1942-2016."

Samson said his understanding was Ali was dead, and he had not been aware the news had not been made public yet.