06/03/2016 14:38 EDT | Updated 06/04/2017 01:12 EDT

Northern Lights Wildlife Rescue seeks donations to help with record-breaking bear cub numbers

A wildlife rescue centre in northern B.C. is bursting at the seams with bear cubs after taking in more than four times the number it usually sees at this time of year. 

"In the worst year we had four at this time of the year, and now we have sixteen," said Angelika Langen with the Northern Lights Wildlife Rescue in Smithers. 

The organization accepts orphaned cubs from across the province.

Langen says she usually plans for up to four spring cubs, so having 16 of them is putting a strain on her budget. 

Her biggest expenses is a special powder shipped in from the United States that is made to emulate bear milk. 

Langen believes the wildlife rescue centre is a victim of its own success — as more people learn about the shelter, more reach out to her for help.

But, she says, seeing the cubs get better makes it all worthwhile.

"It's awesome, it's really awesome," she said. "And then you see them playing around and that's really a treat."

Langen is hoping to find a private company to sponsor a webcam so more people can see her 16 cubs grow, and possible attract more donors. 

With files from Andrew Kurjata