06/03/2016 19:03 EDT | Updated 06/04/2017 01:12 EDT

Police investigate after Pomeranians fed razor blades

RCMP and the B.C. SPCA are investigating after someone fed razor blades hidden in some meat to four Pomeranian dogs at a Chilliwack trailer park.

Christine Desjardins thought something was strange when her dogs Lucy, Buddy, Furby and Fuzz failed to come back in after she let them out early Thursday morning.

She called one of them back and found the dog eating something strange.

"I told her to drop what she had in her mouth and it turned out to be a chunk of pork chop with a large piece of Exacto blade in it," she said.

"I was hysterical. I just started screaming for my husband to come help me grab them all out of the yard."

After pulling the dogs inside, the couple searched the yard and discovered several more chunks of meat with metal inside. They rushed the dogs to the animal hospital.

Emergency surgery required

X-rays revealed all four dogs had shards of metal in their stomachs. The vet told Desjardins if they didn't operate right away the fragments would shred them inside.

"I was given the choice of putting them to sleep or having the surgery, and because I loved them so much I opted for the surgery," she said.

"What was even harder was I had to pick who was going to go first and second and third and fourth.... As I got to the last one I was heartbroken because I didn't think she was going to make it."

Veterinarian Rajwinder Singh at Chilliwack Family Pet Hospital confirmed he removed several shards of some sort of broken metal blade from the four dogs.

He says the dogs are recovering well and should be going home tomorrow, but he notes the bill for the four surgeries will hit $6,000.

While it is not unusual for dogs to swallow strange things, Rajwinder said he's never seen anything like this, and he's handed the x-rays over to police for their investigation.

Concerns for grandson as well

Meanwhile, Desjardins says the dogs are not her only concern. Her three-year-old grandson visits her most weekends at the Chilliwack River Trailer Park and likes to play in a sandbox in the backyard.

"I can't say that my grandson is going to be safe ever again, unless we go out everyday with a metal detector through the yard."

She says the dogs never leave her yard and she doesn't know why anyone would do such a cruel thing, but her husband is looking into installing some video surveillance.

Both the police and the SPCA have confirmed they are taking the incident seriously and officers are investigating, but they could not provide any details because the investigation is still underway.