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Muhammad Ali's Children Pay Tribute After His Death

The champion boxer was a father of nine.

On top of being a champion boxer and outspoken activist, Muhammad Ali was also a family man with nine children.

Following his hospitalization and death Friday at the age of 74, some of Ali's seven daughters and two sons took to social media to share their love and grief with the world.

Eldest daughter Maryum shared a message on Twitter Saturday. "I know him as THE GREATEST father. I love you so much, Dad. His spirit visited me last night," she wrote.

His daughter Rasheda tweeted a message and photo of her and Ali, saying he was the "Greatest Man that ever lived."

His youngest adoptive son Asaad Amin Ali shared a post on Instagram, writing: "And I'm happy you get to go home to grandma now I know she has missed you like crazy!"

Hana Ali posted several photos to her Instagram account, calling her father a "Humble Mountain." She said in her father's last moments, the family gathered around his bed hugging him while saying an Islamic prayer.

A photo posted by Hana Ali (@hanayali) on

A photo posted by Hana Ali (@hanayali) on

Laila Ali, fellow former boxer, has not issued a statement since her father's passing, but did share a photo of him and her daughter after he was hospitalized.

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