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Mzznaki Tetteh Fights Haters Who Body Shamed Her Engagement Photos

When Mzznaki Tetteh posted her engagement photos on Instagram, she probably wasn't expecting this reaction.

The nurse from Ghana, who posted several photos of herself with fiancé Kojo Amoah on the social media site last week, was swarmed with positive comments and congratulations, but also some negativity over one particular photo.

In the snap, Tetteh is being lifted up by her fiancé, and online trolls were quick to body shame her and turn her photo into a meme.


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According to Buzzfeed, comments about Tetteh's body and her fiancé included, "you can see the struggle in his face," and a Tumblr user who said, "RIP that mans [sic] spine."

It's my time....Thank u God

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But Tetteh is a woman of confidence and after reading the negative comments, she began to post more photos from her shoot.

"Your rubbish comments ain’t ruining my happiness…thanks to all for the compliments and best wishes…am honoured. ✌✌," she wrote online.

He's always got my back...thanks bby

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In an interview with GhanaWeb last week, Amoah told the site he posted pictures of him and his girlfriend all the time, and was not expecting comments like these.

"To me, I have always been a fan of plus size women and I am so proud of my woman and I don’t care about what anybody says out there," he told the site. "In every society there are people who will try to discourage you from things that you seek to do but I am not bothered at all. And I don’t regret posting those pictures on Facebook."

The two plan on tying the knot this month.

Hey this!

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