06/07/2016 03:46 EDT | Updated 06/07/2016 07:59 EDT

Alberta's Islamophobia Hotline Is Receiving Daily Calls

An Alberta hotline for victims of Islamophobia has received daily calls since its launch in April.

Of the 78 complaints it's received since, roughly 80 per cent have been related to workplace discrimination, reports Metro News.

The Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council (AMPAC) created the toll-free line in response to growing incidences of Islamophobia around the province.

“We came together in terms of a community, to provide some sort of a support mechanism,”AMPAC president Khan Suri told Global News.

Schools, a train station and a mosque have been vandalized with racist graffiti across the province in recent months.

Islamophobic callers

The organization noted that on top of reporting incidents of Islamophobia, some have also called the hotline to leave hateful messages.

"We've had people call in and leave messages like, 'Muslims are animals and they shouldn't be here in Canada,'" said Mustafa Farooq, vice-president of public policy at AMPAC, in an interview with CBC News.

AMPAC is working with police to investigate some of the reports and calls.

Those who experience discrimination, harassment or a hate crime due to Islamophobia in Alberta are asked to call 1-800-607-3722 or email

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