Maya Rudolph Has A Hilarious Love For Bread In Oprah Weight Watchers Spoof

"I love bread!"

Get out the tissues, 'cause you're about to laugh so hard until you cry.

In a new clip from Tuesday's episode of the variety show 'Maya & Marty,' star Maya Rudoph impersonates Oprah Winfrey in a Weight Watchers commercial.

The scene is a play on Winfrey's relationship with the famous weight loss brand (Oprah owns 6.4 million shares of the company's stock and recently signed on as a spokesperson) and her admission in the commercial that she loves that she can still eat bread while on the diet.

The Facebook video below is just a tease of the full scene, but it's enough to make you want to watch a lot more.

Maya completely nails her Oprah impression, from the big gestures to the dramatic pauses and the grand voice inflections.

Our favourite part? When Rudolph uses a famous Oprah TV hook: the giveaway. This time, the comedian tells her "audience" to look under their seat. "Let's all have some bread! Look under your seats — what's under there? Bread!"

The comedian is known for her wildly hysterical impressions, from Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour to Beyonce and even Rachel Dolezal.

Now, let's have some bread, y'all!

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