06/10/2016 04:37 EDT | Updated 06/10/2016 04:59 EDT

This Is Why Your Family Hates Your Boyfriend

They just want you to end up with a good person.

If you've ever brought home a new boyfriend only to get glares of disapproval from Mom and Dad, you aren't alone.

Scientists from the University of Bristol say that while we all want a partner that is caring and supportive, our parents want it more for us than we want it for ourselves. The reason for this, researchers suggest, is because we choose mates who are slightly less caring in an attempt to get more attention and support from our parents.

"Parents are equally related to all of their children, whereas children value themselves more than their siblings — so each child wants to get more than their fair share of parental resources," doctor Tim Fawcett of Bristol University explains.

And it's not just Mom and Dad who want you to end up with the perfect partner. According to a recent study out of Norwegian University, women share large amounts of the same genetic material with their sister and mother. As a result, these family members tend to dissuade women from dating men that decrease the odds of the genes carrying on.

In the case of sisters, researchers say most women desire the same characteristics in their partners as they do for their sister's partner. However, in general the women ranked the need for a understanding, empathetic, responsible, helpful, sensible and kind partner as more important for their sibling than for themselves.

These women noted that the most important qualities of their own partner include being sincere, humourous, charming, sexually satisfying and fun.

So it seems everyone just wants you to end up with a good guy.

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