06/11/2016 12:07 EDT | Updated 06/12/2017 05:12 EDT

Quebec Transgender Teens Will Be Legally Allowed to Change Their Name and Gender

QUEBEC — A Quebec bill aimed at allowing transgender minors to change the name and gender on their birth certificates became law Friday.

Quebec's Civil Code will be changed to accommodate transgender minors, while the province's Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms will be modified to explicitly prohibit all discrimination related to gender identity.

The anti-transphobia bill was tabled at the end of last month.

Transgender teens will not need to undergo surgery before requesting a change to their birth certificate.

If one of the parents of a child 14 and above objects to the name change, the request will not be immediately granted and the case will go to a tribunal.

In the case of children 13 and under, the request must come from one of the parents.

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