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Name That Pain: Aches And Pains We Don't Have Words For (Yet)

The real names behind the aches and pains we feel. From the AOL Partner Studio
Bare-chested man touching his back, rear view
Bare-chested man touching his back, rear view

We know a bruise when we see it and can identify its root cause, but what about that unexplainable hurt we feel on your knees and other joints? What is that called and why do we even feel it?

From “That Weird Pressure Across Your Shoulders After Playing With The Kids For Too Long” hurt to “The Pain That Accompanies One Too Many Reps,” we, with help from Motrimax™ 12-Hour Liquid Gels, identify the real names and causes of the common pains we all experience.

Horseplay Hurt: That weird pressure across your shoulders after playing with the kids for too long

Horseplay with the kids is fun, but carrying and lifting them can ultimately be a painful ordeal because of repetitive strain and overuse. The result is something we like to call “horseplay hurt” -- a pain we feel in our shoulders. Shoulder pain is often due to inflammation of the joints or rotator cuff. Ensure you are carrying children the right way and take time to rest from time to time.

Deadbutt: When your rear hurts from sitting all day

Sitting for an extended period of time is actually one of the worst positions for your body to be in. It puts a lot of pressure on your spine -- resulting in that all too familiar butt or back pain. Avoid this situation by taking short breaks to stand up, stretch and walk around to keep the body pain-free.

Gym Jam: The pain that accompanies one too many reps

Lifting weights at the gym is good for the heart, muscles and overall well-being. But pumping too much iron can result in “gym jam,” or pain in your tendons, the dense tissue formed from the connective muscle tissue. Gym jam is more commonly known as tendonitis, a painful condition and can take a long time to heal. So take it easy, use correct form and look to use anti-inflammatory pain relievers to ease any nagging tendon pain.

Uppy: That weird sensation you get after picking up baby all day

Life with a newborn baby is truly an amazing thing - until it starts to hurt. Uppy pain is also known as de Quervain’s tendinitis or “baby wrist.” It happens when the tendons around the wrist become irritated due to sudden overuse. Treating this pain involves rest, taking anti-inflammatory medications and in severe cases, splints or even surgery. So take care when caring for baby!

Knee Buzz: That buzzing pain in the knee when cleaning the floors

We all hate to do it, but sooner or later we have to get down on our knees to give those kitchen floors a deep cleaning. But doing this on a regular basis can result in “knee buzz” – prepatellar bursitis, commonly referred to as housemaid’s knee. This pain – which can also happen to anyone who kneels on a frequent basis (think: plumbers or gardeners) – happens when the kneecap becomes swollen or irritated. Ease this pain with ice, elevating the swollen area in question, rest and using pain medication.

Joint pain and pain from inflammation don’t have to get in the way of how you live your life. Motrimax™ 12-Hour Liquid Gels provide quick, effective and long-lasting relief of pain from inflammation so that you can keep going.

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