06/14/2016 02:05 EDT | Updated 06/14/2016 02:59 EDT

Brockville Flat Earth Fight Winds Up In Fire ← And That Great Joke

Flat-earthers are out there.

Scientists have spent centuries explaining to the rest of us that Earth is round, but there are still plenty of pseudoscience believers people who still think it's flat.

Like a woman in Brockville, Ont. on Monday.

Police were called to a park because a 56-year-old man and his son's girlfriend were arguing about the shape of the Earth, reported CFRA.

The woman was insisting that the earth was flat, but her boyfriend's father argued that it was round.

The man became so frustrated by the argument, he began to throw things into the campfire, including a propane cylinder.

By the time police were called, he had left the area, and firefighters had put out the flames, according to the Brockville Recorder.

Police plan to charge the man with mischief, according to Inside Brockville.

No charges are planned for the woman, who is still convinced the world is flat.

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