06/14/2016 04:56 EDT | Updated 06/14/2016 04:59 EDT

10 Products To Help You Get Your Feet Summer-Ready Without Going To The Spa

All the beauty tools you need to get your feet in shape.

After a long, dark winter (read: Canada) trapped in boots and socks, our feet are ready to see the light of day. They're ready to be slipped into the hottest sandals of the season, they're ready to be dipped in the ocean and you bet they're ready to run through a freshly-mowed lawn.

Only issue? Your feet are SO not ready to be SEEN.

Look, we get it. Toes are gross. Heels are gross. And everything about feet are gross. Did we mention they're smelly too? Eww. But your feet don't have to be totally unbearable going into the summer months. And guess what? You can get them in shape and prepped without the constant need to get those weekly expensive pedicures at a salon.

How? With some help from our favourite foot-friendly products. We're talking about the tools that remove dead skin, exfoliate heels and buffer away those calluses. Instead of having someone touch your feet for an uncomfortable 30 minutes, you have the opportunity to clean up your own toes, at-home, with some of the best beauty products on the market.

To check out some of our favourite foot tools, take a peek at the slideshow below!

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