06/15/2016 10:58 EDT

Jayden Wells Lemonade: Saskatchewan Boy Helps Parents Pay Bills

MARTENSVILLE, Sask. -- A little lemonade stand has turned into a big money maker for a Saskatchewan boy.

Ten-year-old Jayden West says he started selling lemonade and juice in front of his home in Martensville, just outside Saskatoon, to help his family pay bills.

His father is out of work and the power in their home was recently shut off.

A customer who was impressed by Jayden's venture wrote about it on Facebook, stirring up a busy business for the child. One customer recently paid $20 for a drink.

Amanda West says she didn't know what had motivated her son and is proud of his efforts. "I thought he just wanted a lemonade stand. And I said, 'Go for it.' And it turned into this," she says.

"He's always like this. He's caring and loving and just likes to help everybody."

Jayden says he plans to open his stand each day after school and on weekends for as long as he can.


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