06/16/2016 11:27 EDT | Updated 06/16/2016 11:59 EDT

How To Re-Grow Your Veggies

Think of the savings!

Let's face it, groceries are expensive, even if you buy produce that's a little bruised.

To help you save some money on your weekly haul we've rounded up 10 fruits and veggies that can be re-grown from kitchen scraps.

In the video above, Bank of America and Visa have teamed up together to show you how to re-grow green onions in a glass of water on your kitchen counter.

Aside from saving you money, using kitchen scraps can also help you cut back on food waste. Items like broccoli stems are delicious to eat on their own and even better when added to stir-frys, while egg shells make a great fertilizer and drain cleaner.

Check out the slideshow below to learn how to re-grow kitchen staples like lettuce, onions and mushrooms. And check out this handy guide for more tips on using up old kitchen scraps.

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