06/16/2016 02:27 EDT | Updated 06/16/2016 02:59 EDT

This Is How You Stop A Head Rush

Remembering it will be the hardest part.

If you've ever suffered the dizzying pain of standing up too quickly or coming to a complete stop after spinning around, you already know how long it can take to return to normal.

Instead of sitting back down or leaning against a wall in pain, stop your head rush instantly by implementing a simple trick used by fighter pilots. According to reddit user Mnementh2230, simply clenching the muscles in your lower body squeezes the blood in your body back up to your head. It's a strategy used in the Air Force to keep fighter pilots from blacking out when making steep turns and dives.

Since remembering to clench your muscles while feeling lightheaded can be a struggle, fighter pilots are equipped with special suits that constrict the legs and abdomen at high gravity forces to keep them conscious throughout their flight, PBS reports.

Fighter pilots aren't the only ones who have mastered the art of balance. Astronaut Tim Peake at the International Space Station recently conducted an experiment in which he tried to make himself dizzy by spinning in a circle at high speeds for over 2 minutes.

Peake noted that while astronauts do feel dizziness during the first few days of orbit their bodies adjust to zero-gravity after that period and their brains turn off balance cues from their ears favouring inputs from their eyes instead.

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