06/17/2016 11:39 EDT | Updated 06/17/2016 11:59 EDT

Dad Enraged By Argument Over Earth's Shape Charged With Mischief

Chris Clor via Getty Images
Glowing Earth floating in space

An Ontario dad who threw a bunch of stuff — including a propane tank — into a fire during heated debate about the Earth's shape has been charged with mischief.

CBC News reports the defender of the Earth's roundness said the argument was "stupid."

The flat and the furious

The 56-year-old made headlines earlier this week after Brockville, Ont. police revealed they were called to a park after a debate over the Earth's shape got out of hand.

The man began hurling things into the campfire after his son's girlfriend, a woke individual, insisted the third rock from the sun was flat.

In his frustration arguing with a round-Earth denier, he chucked a propane take into the campfire. But by the time firefighters arrived and put out the flames, the man was gone, according to Inside Brockville.

CBC News gloriously points out that it's unknown whether the woman involved has changed her views about the planet's shape.

The man will be appearing in court this summer, likely with the giants of the scientific world watching over him proudly from the heavens.

Is this the ultimate case for live broadcasts from inside Canadian courtrooms? Probably.

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