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Confetti Eyeliner Trend: The Beauty Look Your Favourite Instagram Makeup Gurus Are Rocking

Ask any makeup-obsessed girl and they'll tell you no beauty look is complete until a perfectly constructed cat-eye has been applied.

Eyeliner is the powerhouse of any makeup look. It has the incredible ability to transform the shape of an eye with just a flick or a swish. Sure, it may be the most feared makeup product on the market, but we can't live without it.

Sleek, jet-black winged eyeliner is a classic beauty look, whether it's done with a pencil, gel or liquid liner. But, we have to admit it... the look can get boring every now and then. We're constantly looking for ways to elevate our war paint (yes, in the beauty world, eyeliner is war paint, thank you very much).

Andthanks to a iridescent look we keep seeing on our Instagram feeds, we think we may have found the trend to pull us out of our eyeliner rut.

Introducing confetti eyeliner!

Happy Birthday to me! My makeup threw me a little party on my eyelids to help celebrate! 😉#birthdaymakeup #27

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Many beauty websites, including Cosmo, have credited Brooklyn-based makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes for creating the festive beauty look.

C O N F E T T i

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Unlike your signature smooth line, confetti eyeliner is all about the application of dots. Just like the actual party essential is made up of a thousand small pieces of paper or glitter, this beauty trend is a pretty little masterpiece of several little dabs that are meant to resemble scattered confetti.

To get the look, start at the outer corner of the eye where you want your flick to end. Just like winged eyeliner, this marking will be your guide. Once you've done that, let the party begin.

From your mark, begin to fill in your flick by dotting with the tip of your eyeliner. Work your way along the eyelash line and into the corner of the eye. The key here is simply dotting motions — there is no need for a smooth application. Once you've completed one layer of dotting, create other layers to fill in the look.

Now, don't forget to have a little fun. This is confetti we're talking about. You know that time you received that orange eyeliner and thought, "I'm never going to apply this."? Well, now is your chance. Use different coloured and textured eyeliners (think matte or metallic) to create a vibrant, edgy look.

And believe it or not, many beauty bloggers have pointed out that pretty confetti eyeliner is A LOT easier to achieve than your usual cat-eye (REJOICE!). Gone are the days of worrying about liquid spilling across your eyelids. It's all about minimal effort dotting now, where a messy texture and application is welcomed.

And if you really want to get fancy, then try creating Chanel's spring 2014 haute couture eyeliner which features confetti-sized pieces of glitter. As noted by Allure, these twinkling eyelids will require you to glue on the pieces of glitter, just as Chanel makeup artist Peter Philips did using lash glue, tweezers and a very steady hand.

Sure, you may not incorporate this liner into your everyday beauty look, but the shimmering makeup is a perfect change from your constantly applied black eyeliner. And it's great for those summer nights out or a music festival.

Now, grab your eyeliner, beauty lovers. Because it's time to party with this trend.

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