06/17/2016 03:00 EDT

Someone Made Justin Bieber Look Like An '80s Popstar And It's Everything


Picture this: the year is 1985.

The effortlessly stylish high school students of Shermer High School are facing detention in the "Breakfast Club," Marty McFly is redefining the fashion game with his denim jacket and puffer vest combo and Madonna is soaring to the top of the music charts with "Like A Virgin."

But what if Justin Bieber, the "ultimate 21st century teen heartthrob" as dubbed by Cosmopolitan, was the international pop star of the moment? What if the Biebs was born decades earlier, making the teenagers of the '80s melt with his ~swag~?

Well, Canadian artist and Soundcloud user Tronicbox is trying to imagine a 1985 where Justin Bieber dominated the charts with his "Purpose" hits "Love Yourself" and "What Do You Mean?" And it's pure genius.

Releasing an '80s remix of JB's biggest hits from his latest album, Tronicbox accompanies the synth and saxophone-filled tracks with album art that shows an imagined Justin circa 1985.

Photoshopping the 22-year-old's face onto a rather large (and hairy) body, the "Purpose 1985" artwork shows Bieber equipped with a free-flowing mullet, gold chain and unbuttoned, neon-blue dress shirt.

For the "What Do You Mean It's 1985?" track, Justin can be seen with a mullet that is almost identical to that of Billy Ray Cyrus'. And for that extra touch of detail, Tronicbox added a dangling earring. So '80s.

Sure, 1985 was already jammed packed with songs that would become classics (read: "Take On Me" by a-ha), but we think JB would have fit in nicely to the '80s music scene. Especially with that mullet.

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