06/17/2016 12:44 EDT | Updated 06/17/2016 12:59 EDT

Last Day Of School 2016: Best Photo Ideas To Capture The Day

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A young girl walks to school along a busy street wearing her backpack.

The last day of school is fast approaching for elementary school kids across Canada. Be sure to document this momentous occasion as they celebrate everything they've accomplished this past year -- and embrace summer holidays.

Here are our favourite ideas from simply sweet to super creative!

1. With the teacher.

We love Miss Tanya! We had a great year!! #preschool #lastdayofschool

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Ms. Rebecca Judson and I😊 #SPH #internationalschool #homeroomteacher #grade3 #lastdayofschool #sekolahpelitaharapan

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2. Chalkboard.

Dean's last day of first grade!! He is growing up so fast. #Dean #nephew #lastdayofschool #lastdayoffirstgrade #lovelovelove

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3. With their adorable teacher gift.

Last day of Kindergarten! 🌸 When Claire started school this year she could still barely walk from just getting her body cast off. We had no idea how the chemo would affect her memory or ability to learn. Claire's hardships were no match for her determination. I am so incredibly proud of the way that she has never allowed what happened to her to define who she is. Baby girl, I can't wait to see what every new day brings with you. You took a horrific experience and turned it into your motivation. You have inspired so many people to believe in happy endings, to believe there WILL be a rainbow after the storm. Congratulations little First-grader! ❤️❤️❤️ #lastdayofschool #kindergartengrad #kindergartentodaytheworldtomorrow #inspire #anythingispossible #survivor #riser #overcome

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4. Sibling shot!

5. First and last day side-by-side.

My baby is getting so big #mygirl #lastdayofschool

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😭😭😭 #onlyemojiscandescribethis #lastdayofschool #oliverdavid

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6. Outside the school.

And just like that we have a 3rd grader! #lastdayofschool ❤🎉

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7. Let them pick their outfit.

8. Throwback photo.

9. Capture the happy dance.

#lastdayofschool #almostafifthgrader #autumnlanepaperie #mcwillough #auttiegram

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10. Include what they want to be when they grow up.

11. Let them write the message.

#lastdayofschool #kindergarten

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12. The tears.

Last day of school... Lil is not pleased. #lastdayofschool #missfriends

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13. Kid-made signs.

Your looking at 2 Fifth Graders! #lastdayofschool

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14. Make a T-shirt!

Yo James, tell me Kindergarteners where you from! #lastdayofschool

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15. Get some deets.

And here's one for teachers...