06/18/2016 12:54 EDT | Updated 06/19/2016 07:59 EDT

Larry Heather, Failed Perennial Candidate, Says 'Sex Marxists' Are Breaking Up Alberta

"Girl, I'll let you fully overtake my instrument of production."


A failed perennial candidate who once ran for mayor in Calgary lit up Twitter on Friday when he tweeted about the current state of Alberta provincial politics.

Larry Heather, a former candidate for both the federal Christian Heritage Party and the Alberta Social Credit Party, said the provincial NDP was contributing to the breakup of Alberta.

When asked to clarify, he gave a confusing answer.

Twitter had a field day, with the hashtag #sexmarxists trending that afternoon.

In the past, Heather's tweets have crossed the line from ridiculous to downright problematic. Last month, one of them prompted a response from Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

Heather is known for his right-wing views and anti-abortion activism. In 1985, he threw ketchup on Dr. Henry Morgentaler during a visit to Calgary. He is also a member of the Creation Science Association of Alberta.

During the 2013 Calgary mayoral election, he said Calgarians would be tempting God's wrath if they re-elected Nenshi, who is Muslim.

Heather received a total of 1,857 votes in that election, according to his Twitter bio and Wikipedia page.

Writer Josiah Hughes wrote about Heather for VICE, questioning whether he's an absurd art project.

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