06/20/2016 05:00 EDT | Updated 06/20/2016 05:59 EDT

There's An 'Everything Equal' Version Of 'O Canada' By 93.7 JRFM DJs

The House of Commons passed a Liberal MP's bill last week to make Canada's national anthem more gender neutral.

Mauril Belanger's bill, which still needs to be approved by the Senate, would replace the second line of the anthem from "true patriot love, in all thy sons command" with "in all of us command."

Although it was a great step toward inclusivity, DJs at country radio station 93.7 JR FM "felt it wasn't quite enough."

'Everything equal'

That's why hosts jaXon Hawks and Docc Andrews decided to step in and and release their own"everything equal"twist on the anthem.

The station's rendition of "O Canada" talks of not just "true patriot love," but also "a non-committal partnership."

It asks "whichever God you recognize and if not that's OK, too" to keep this land — as well as vacant land owned by foreign investors — glorious and free. Well, not exactly free. You get the picture.

Listen to the full clip in the video above.

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