Napping Is Necessary If You Want To Function At Your Best

Time for a nap!

We've all been there: the 2 p.m. slump where you find yourself dozing off at your desk.

It's around this time when you start to crave a sweet treat or another cup of coffee, but neuro specialist Dr Fiona Kerr from the University of Adelaide says what your body really needs is two quick 15-minute naps a day, due to the alignment of our bodily rhythms, The Telegraph reports.

"If you have regular naps, you will store, retain and recall information faster and more effectively," Kerr explained to The Daily Mail. The important part is not over-doing it — Kerr says naps should remain between 15 and 30 minutes to increase alertness, memory, mood and cognition. Anything more than half an hour sends your body into Rapid Eye Movemnet (REM) mode leaving you feeling groggy when you wake.

Training your body to sleep for such a short period of time can be a challenge, so Kerr suggests simply curling up in a quiet, dark space and focusing on your breathing to calm your body down.

Even if you don't sleep, Kerr says your body will get some of the regenerative benefits.

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