06/21/2016 03:26 EDT | Updated 06/23/2016 09:59 EDT

Gay Dads Share Hilarious Parenting Problems

Who does the dishes on Father's Day?

In celebration of Pride Month, we thought we'd share the experiences of gay dads as they raise their kids. These #gaydadproblems are absolutely hilarious.

Happy Pride, everyone!

Who does the dishes on Father's Day?

Happy Fath... Wait, what? Oh, hell no. #fathersday #gaydadproblems

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The mystery of girl hair.

Teacher notes.

She is NOT my wife!

Other parents trying to relate.

Potty training.

When the only clean dish is plastic... and pink... and has ponies on it.

Eating my breakfast out of a pink pony bowl

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Kids growing up too fast.

Decorating the nursery.


My toddler has more sunglasses than me. #GayDadProblems #GaybyBoomBlog

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Classroom treats.

When babies won't sleep.

When kids dress themselves.

#shechosethistowear #1stdayofhavinganopinion #gaydadproblems #magensophia #2yearold

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Being used as a human napkin.

When kids steal your stuff.

The stress of crazy hat/hair day.