06/22/2016 04:48 EDT | Updated 06/22/2016 04:59 EDT

Vegreville Mom Pushes For Dog That Attacked Her Daughters To Be Euthanized Petition

A mom is furious after a bulldog that mauled her twin four-year-old daughters was returned to its Edmonton owner.

On May 5, the two girls were visiting a garage sale in Vegreville, Alta. when a dog ran out from the yard and attacked them.

RCMP reported the two suffered serious facial wounds.

The girls' mother, Holly Mears, said in a post about the attack that her daughter Kaylee could have been killed, as the dog bit through her lip and nearly through her carotid artery.

Jenna has undergone multiple surgeries "to put her face back together," Mears added.

She shared a photo of Jenna's face before and after the attack.

The dog was taken into custody after the incident, but now a judge has ruled it can be released back to its owners to undergo a behavioural assessment with a dog trainer in Stettler, Alta.

Mears has launched a petition for the dog to be euthanized.

"Putting this dog down is not going to bring back my daughter's face, but it's going to prevent another child from being hurt or worse," Mears told CBC News.

The owners, who have been charged under Alberta's Dangerous Dogs Act, have yet to take the dog for training.

Pattie Kisilevich told Global News her bulldog, Jake, will be "decompressing" at home before he faces any further stress.

For now, the dog will be required to wear a muzzle.

The case will go back to court in August.

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