06/23/2016 03:56 EDT | Updated 06/23/2016 03:59 EDT

This Is How Much A Best Friend Is Probably Costing You

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You'd never want to put a price on friendship (nor should you), but when you think about how much you're spending with your friends, it tends to add up.

According to a new infographic by U.K.-based loan provider Amigo Loans, the average cost of friendship can reach over $201,000 throughout one's life.

Of course, this is a huge number when you look at it at once, but according to the image below, life events like vacations, weddings and birthday parties all add up. And when you're out socializing — either having drinks, eating dinner or just at the movies — you may not realize how much money you're actually spending.

And although we would never advise anyone to drop friends over this so-called "cost," the one key takeaway of this graphic is to look at how much you spend on others and socializing as a whole.

One recent study showed most people start to lose friends around the age of 25, and as we age and find ourselves surrounded by fewer people, it may be time to start thinking about spending money on those who matter the most to you.

Check out the full graphic below and let us know, is true friendship too expensive?

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