06/24/2016 11:34 EDT

Brexit Has Made Canada Look A Lot More Appealing To Many Brits

The Queen is on our currency, too!

Everybody's feeling the Brexit wounds.

After the U.K. stunned the world early Friday by voting to exit the European Union, many Britons found themselves in a position that a lot of Americans seem to embrace every four years: wanting to move to Canada.

But unlike their American cousins, Brits clamoring for the True North's shores will find a lot that just makes sense to them:

For example, the Queen is on our currency.

And she doesn't make any big decisions for us, either!

canadian dollar

There she is!

This whole Westminster system of government you guys came up with? We're lovin' it.

parliament hill

OK, the buildings might look a bit different. (Photo: Getty Images)

We have a much, much more affordable London. Let's not compare mayors, though.

london ontario

Fine, it might be a little less exciting than your London. (Photo: Andrew Perez)

We also infuriate Americans by adding a "U" to a bunch of words.

And we say "zed!"

honour dictionary

This is your fault. Thanks!

If you miss the rain, we've got Vancouver.


Look, a brolly! (Photo: Shutterstock)

As far as we know, we don't have any politicians with hair like this:

boris johnson

Good luck with this one.

You like chips and gravy? Allow us to introduce a little thing called poutine.


This is what you are looking for. (Photo: Getty Images)

Free health care? Yeah, we have that, too.


BONUS: the wait times can be ridiculous!

We might be letting you down when it comes to football. Sorry.


Hope you like hockey. (Photo: Getty Images)

Speaking of sorry, get used to that.

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