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20 Canadian Instagrammers You Need To Follow For Your Fashion And Beauty Needs

The Canadians you need to follow on Instagram for everything beauty and fashion.

Serious question: What would we do without Instagram in our lives? Don't answer that. We don't want to know.

Instagram has officially become our destination for all things beauty and fashion. We're constantly sucked into this scrolling vortex for hours upon hours Insta-stalking the coolest girls in styling and makeup. There are heaps of fashionistas around the world who have magically turned their Insta feeds into aesthetic masterpieces (with the help of white backgrounds, pink peonies and cute lattes) that have us following their lives and wanting their style.

But in reality, we don't have to look too far for inspiration — plenty of Instagram's biggest style stars live right here in Canada.

And hey, a lot Instagram's biggest names live right here in Canada.

Don't believe us? Check out 20 of our favourite Canadian Instagrammers who rule in the beauty and fashion world:

Who: Samantha Ravndahl

What you'll find: Major makeup goals.

Where: Vancouver

Followers: 2.3 Million

Simple summer dresses happening now on NYS. 📷 by @erinleydon #NYStandard

A photo posted by KAYLA SEAH (@notyourstandard) on

Who: Kayla Seah

What you'll find: Coffee, flowers and a whole lot of killer #OOTDs.

Where: Toronto

Followers: 152,000

Who: Ania Boniecka

What you'll find: Cool girl style.

Where: Calgary

Followers: 113,000

Who: Kayla Short

What you'll find: Beauty, style and yummy eats.

Where: Halifax

Followers: 12,100

Celebrating the new #DisneyxCoach collection on the blog 👉🏼 🍒 @coach @disney

A photo posted by Alyssa Lau (@imalyssalau) on

Who: Alyssa Lau

What you'll find: West coast style.

Where: Edmonton

Followers; 61,000

Double tank top + double choker = my second look in collab with @avenuemontroyal 🔷 #avenuemontroyal

A photo posted by Gabrielle Lacasse (@dentellefleurs) on

Who: Gabrielle Lacasse

What you'll find: Denim and avocado toast.

Where: Montreal

Followers: 45,900

Mickey Mouse Club! Even our bags have ears! Wearing the new @coach #DisneyxCoach Collection that launches today, June 17th! #beckermansxcoach

A photo posted by Cailli Beckerman Sam Beckerman (@beckermanblog) on

Who: Cailli Beckerman Sam Beckerman

What you'll find: Double the style, double the glamorous life.

Where: Toronto

Followers: 160,000

Twisted Crown 👑 #AFLAHair #XOStyling

A photo posted by Cara McLeay (@carajourdan) on

Who: Cara McLeay

What you'll find: Hairstyle inspo.

Where: Vancouver

Followers: 121,000

Who: Amanda Montgomery

What you'll find: An array of colourful, dreamy outfits.

Where: Toronto

Followers: 30,300

Who: Jordi

What you'll find: Strong eyelash game.

Where: Okanagan, B.C.

Followers: 99,700

Who: Farah Dhukai

What you'll find:: Crazy beauty hacks.

Where: Concord, Ont.

Followers: 961,000

An oldie, but a goodie. Not that that old, but still a goodie. Like 2 months old, but still a goodie ✌️

A photo posted by Alanna Durkovich (@xandervintage) on

Who: Alanna Durkovich

What you'll find: Ever-changing hairstyles.

Where: Vancouver

Followers: 52,900

Who: Dani Roche and Bianca Venerayan

What you'll find: The coolest duo to hit the digital fashion world.

Where: Toronto

Followers: 32,900

but really, do the curtains match the drapes

A photo posted by 〰 (@uhmlady) on

Who: Lady Divine

What you'll find: Minimalism vibes.

Where: Edmonton

Followers: 22,100

Who: Alyssa Garrison

What you'll find: Your pink pastel fantasy.

Where: Toronto

Followers: 62,500

Who: Eleni McMullin

What you'll find: A stylish mama-to-be.

Where: Calgary, Alta.

Followers: 121,000

👼🏻 Playing with some new @makeupforeverofficial lashes

A photo posted by VANESSA CESARIO (@vanessacesario_) on

Who: Vanessa Cesario

What you'll find: Hair and makeup always on point.

Where: Toronto

Followers: 28,100

// green & pink. now available //

A photo posted by museMO (@misslionhunter) on

Who: Mo Handahu

What you'll find: Bold prints galore.

Where: Halifax

Followers: 12,900

Who: Anna Tsoulogiannis

What you'll find: A lover of lipsticks.

Where: Toronto

Followers: 89,500

About to watch the conjuring 2! Who's seen it? And who's seen that 'contouring' meme 😂

A photo posted by JESSICA MANN (@theblondemann) on

Who: Jessica Mann

What you'll find: Highlight always on fleek.

Where: Brampton, Ont.

Followers: 18,400

Ripped jeans and @evianwater is my #LiveYoung style at the #evianBabyBay event tonight! What's yours? 😎🌸⭐️🦄 #ad

A photo posted by 👻 Snapchat: @justineiaboni (@jetsetjustine) on

Who: Justine Iaboni

What you'll find: Jetset style.

Where: Toronto

Followers: 46,100

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