06/27/2016 08:51 EDT | Updated 06/28/2017 01:12 EDT

Businesses launching lawsuit over construction of new convention centre

HALIFAX — Several downtown Halifax businesses are launching a lawsuit to recoup losses they claim are the result of the construction of the Nova Centre megaproject.

A news release from Wagners Law Firm says businesses in the area around the new convention centre have suffered over the past three years as construction has closed streets, eliminated parking and reduced pedestrian traffic.

The firm says the project has experienced delays, and businesses have had to cope with the noise, dirt and dust associated with blasting and drilling.

It says attempts to communicate the negative impacts with Nova Centre stakeholders have been unfruitful, so some businesses have decided to take legal action.

Wagners says they are seeking compensation for personal and business damages resulting from the construction of the Nova Centre.

Construction on the one million square foot centre, which is expected to open next year, started in January 2013.


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