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Men's Summer Fashion Inspo From Canadian Style Bloggers And Influencers

Say yes to short suits, everyone.

When it comes to summer dressing, we women have it downpat. We're known to dress for the seasons, even if that means we'll be freezing cold in our air-conditioned offices during the summer.

But when it comes to men's summer fashion, that's where things get a bit tricky. Is it okay for guys to ditch the pants for a pair of shorts (and no, we don't mean cargo shorts)? And what about adding some brighter colours into the mix, or going for an all-white ensemble?

Well, gentlemen, all of the above is totally okay — in fact, we encourage you to try to experiment with your style this summer. And to help you out, we've rounded up 20 outfits from Canada's most stylish men to give you some inspiration.

Check them out below!

1. Embrace colour

2. Work the double denim

A photo posted by SIMON (Si) (@simeetsworld) on

3. Try bold prints

4. Go white-on-white

5. Or black-on-black

A photo posted by Lance Chung (@mrlancechung) on

6. Wear your gym clothes outside the gym

7. Add a colourful bowtie

A photo posted by Marcus Kan (@mistermkan) on

8. Swap your blazer for a jean jacket

9. Pair a colourful outfit with a dark cardigan

10. Add a scarf

A photo posted by TYLER KENNY (@tylerkenny) on

11. Put your spring bomber to good use

12. Update your T-shirt and jeans combo with a printed pocket

A photo posted by Nigel (@nigelseeb) on

13. Or throw a blazer over it

14. Swap your dress pants for dressy shorts

15. Try a short suit

A photo posted by KISH Style (@stylebykish) on

16. If you're not into that, try a suit in a lighter hue

A photo posted by Abdulla Khatib (@absdulla) on

17. Also swap your dark jeans for a lighter wash

A photo posted by JAKE MOSSOP (@thejakemossop) on

18. Layer your denim

19. Swap your basic tanks for an asymmetrical version

20. Pair your fave plaid shirt with denim shorts

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