06/27/2016 12:05 EDT | Updated 06/27/2016 12:59 EDT

Sports We Played As Kids That We're Reviving

Rediscover your inner child and take part in these activities we played as kids. From the AOL Partner Studio.

Caroline Schiff via Getty Images
London, England.

Think back to your time in elementary school and all the fun we had on the playground. We were wild and free and did some exceptionally fun things. Whatever happened to that?

As we grew up, many of us dropped the ball (literally and figuratively) and lost the zest for life we once had. A twinge or two of pain from sore, over-exerted muscles or joints got in the way of us attending basketball practice, and work became an excuse for cancelling Friday night fun with friends.

In partnership with Motrimax™ 12-Hour Liquid Gels, we’re inspiring you to rediscover your inner child. Whether your thing is dodgeball or rock climbing, Toronto has a wide variety of facilities that help you get back to your active lifestyle. Take part these activities we played as kids and remember -- age ain't nothing but a number!

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