06/28/2016 05:00 EDT | Updated 06/29/2016 10:59 EDT

GrowingUpWithMyName: Things People With 'Difficult' Names Are Sick Of Hearing

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Young African woman shouting angrily.

If you grew up with a name some would deem as "difficult to pronounce," had one with its own unique spelling, or your name was once referenced in pop culture, then you can definitely relate to the internet's newest trending hashtag -- #GrowingUpWithMyName.

The hashtag went viral on Tuesday after thousands of Twitter users realized they've all shared the same woes when it came to growing up with unique names. And as a result, they were all taken on an impromptu trip down memory lane.

They reminisced on the horrifically corny "jokes" and comments people made:

They were reminded that people would never let them forget their names were mentioned in film or on TV:

They were reminded that growing up, name souvenirs were not happening:

They recalled how people sometimes expected them to have stereotypical names:

They also remembered, sometimes, people didn't even try:

And in that case, some remembered just taking matters into their own hands:

But despite the frustration, they also remembered, at times, it wasn't so bad:

What are some of your most memorable experiences growing up with a unique name? Let us know in the comments below!


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