06/29/2016 05:42 EDT | Updated 06/29/2016 05:59 EDT

How To Keep Your Off-The-Shoulder Tops In Place With Household Items

And it only requires two items.

One of this summer's must-have items is the off-the-shoulder top.

This trendy garment is not only cute and oh-so-summer like, but it's also quite sexy as it reveals a part of your body that isn't usually on display.

However, if you own an off-the-shoulder top, you know the struggle of keeping it in place. As Refinery29's fashion features director, Connie Wang puts it, moving your arms even just a bit will make your top go from "cute at Coachella to 'Where is my milking cow?'"

But luckily, Connie has a simple hack that will keep your top in place, and it requires household items you already own: safety pins and a rubber (or hair) band.

All you have to do is attach two safety pins to either end of one band and pin it towards the top of your top, from front to back, preferably where it's easy to hide the pin (e.g. a seam or elastic). Repeat with another band on the other side.

When you put your top on, the bands will sit underneath your armpits, preventing the top from moving above your shoulders.

Watch the video above for Wang's step-by-step instructions!

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