06/29/2016 04:26 EDT | Updated 06/29/2016 04:59 EDT

The $29 Hair Brush Kate Middleton Most Likely Uses

We need this pink brush now.

Calling all Kate Middleton fans! More of her hair secrets have been revealed and you'll want to get your wallets ready for this one.

From the man who revealed the step-by-step guide in achieving the famous "Chelsea Blow Dry," the Duchess of Cambridge's signature glossy look, comes another hair secret we mere mortals have been dying to know.

Overlooked by many in the original "Chelsea Blow Dry" video, the Duchess' trusty hairdresser, Richard Ward, is seen using a brush that looks like it comes straight out of a Disney Princess movie. It's called the Tangle Angel, and get this, it's a smooth $29 CDN on Amazon.

The anti-bacterial and anti-static brush, which "resembles a Victoria's Secret Angel in a slinky silk gown," as noted by Kristie Dash of Allure, is used to lift and detangle the hair before a blow out.

Translation: this brush is probably the reason why Kate's hair is so big and full of secrets.

And if are curious on how Ward achieves Kate's princess-worthy locks while using the coveted Tangle Angel brush, you can check out the video above where he breaks down the crucial products and must-have tips you need to create that iconic bounce Kate rocks on her royal duties.

Although Ward says he is a fan of this brush to create his signature blow outs, it is not confirmed if this is *exactly* the brush used during Kate's styling routine.

Either way, we kind of need this brush in our lives right now.

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