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Curious George Takes On Ramadan In His Latest Adventure

This lovable monkey and his yellow-wearing friend have shared holidays from Hanukkah to St. Patrick's Day with their young readers, and now, they've taken on Ramadan.

"It's Ramadan, Curious George" is one of the franchise's latest releases and it has George and his caregiver, the Man in the Yellow Hat, follow Kareem and his family as they celebrate the month of fasting observed by Muslims.

Throughout the tale, George helps Kareem through his first fast, distracting him when he gets hungry, and then joins him for the daily sundown feast, called iftar.

The Man in the Yellow Hat takes part as well, trading his signature accessory for a gifted yellow fez.

Later, they celebrate Eid, the end celebration of the month.

The author, Hena Khan tells CBC's The Current that the publishers approached her to pen the children's book.

She said they wanted to add the Islamic holiday to their books, considering that they've included other religious holidays, like Christmas.

The book serves as a great learning tool for kids who do not come from an Islamic background, but for Khan, she's especially glad that it's a book Muslim children can see themselves represented in.

"I wanted Muslim children to go to their school library or local bookstore and find a book about themselves."

The Pakistani-American tells the Toronto Star that she couldn't find many books she related to as a kid, and that's why she started writing them when she had the chance.

"I wanted Muslim children to go to their school library or local bookstore and find a book about themselves," the 42-year-old tells the Star.

Khan has written other books for Muslim children such as, "Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns" and "Night of the Moon," which is also about Ramadan.

In "It's Ramadan, Curious George," elements of Islam like charity work are also touched upon as the family and friends stock charity food baskets.

Buzzfeed also notes the wide range of skin tones used by the illustrator to show off the Muslim community's racial diversity.

This year, the holy month comes to an end on July 5.

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