07/02/2016 12:37 EDT | Updated 08/01/2016 11:59 EDT

Things That Irritate Us About Men's Style

g-stockstudio via Getty Images
Handsome young man in sunglasses keeping hands clasped and looking away while sitting on wooden chest against red background

We hear a lot about women’s fashion and beauty woes. Some say the bra is the most uncomfortable garment ever created and that putting makeup on every morning can be a real nuisance.

But what about the dudes? From restrictive denim to complicated grooming products, there are things that irritate us too. In partnership with Schick Hydro®, we present you with just a few things that bug us about men’s fashion and grooming. Because our struggle is also real.

Pants that don’t fit

Why do men’s pants come in such weird fits? Either the legs are too wide or the length of the pant makes it look like you’re expecting a flood. And don’t even get us started on dad jeans...



We love a good plaid top, but too much of the pattern makes us feel dizzy.


Complicated grooming

Most men aren’t interested in complicated skin care routines. Can we keep it simple, please?


Athletic socks and dress shoes

What are the rules around athletic socks and dress shoes? Some say they’re not cool. Also, why are there so many rules in the first place? The confusion!


Polo shirts

To tuck or not tuck? That is the question.


Super skinny jeans

They look fresh, but the circulation of blood to the nether regions is always a concern.


Hair products

It’s way too easy to commit a hair-styling faux pas, but again, where are the tutorials teaching us how to apply hair gel or wax? Help!


Short-sleeved button-down shirts

It’s tough to pull off a short-sleeved button-down shirt, so how does this guy do it so well?


There are some things that irritate us about men’s fashion and grooming, but Schick Hydro® is not one them. With a razor that helps prevent irritation and redness during shaving, using Schick Hydro® will improve your morning routine whether you’re an early bird or a night owl.