07/04/2016 12:17 EDT | Updated 07/04/2016 12:59 EDT

The 2016 Rio Summer Olympics Theme Song "Alma e Coração" Is Released

It's so uplifting!

A music video for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics theme song has been released by Som Livre, one month before the iconic sports event swings into action.

The upbeat tune, titled "Alma e Coração" (Soul and Heart), is performed by Brazilian samba super star Thiaguinho and features rapper Projota, and praises perseverance, effort and a "new world with good people only" (via Vulture).

The accompanying clip kicks off to drumbeats and beautiful shots of Rio, before introducing viewers to a set of young Brazilian athletes, who are shown training and improving in their goals to become the best in boxing, swimming, running and gymnastics as they persevere to "make it happen, fight and win" throughout the song.

Watch the music video for "Alma e Coração" above.