07/07/2016 03:36 EDT | Updated 07/07/2016 03:59 EDT

Adam Cahill, Newfoundland Motorcyclist, Giddy After Near-Miss With Moose

One Newfoundland paramedic could have died after he almost hit a moose on his motorcycle recently.

But he didn't, and his joy at staying alive will make your day.

Adam Cahill was driving June 25 on the Trans-Canada Highway in Gander, N.L. when the beast galloped onto the road, according to CBC News.

In the video above, he swerves and misses the giant animal by maybe half a metre, with just enough room between him and a truck coming the other way.

Thrilled by his luck, all he can do is laugh and swear as he keeps riding.

adam cahill moose newfoundland

"Holy f*ck! Holy f*ck! Woooo!"

He told VOCM that he had to think quickly when he saw the beast. He opted to go around it instead of locking his brakes, and said he thinks that was the right choice.

Another motorist helped him too, he said.

"I almost took the biggest bite out of a moose burger I ever ate."

Male moose weigh an average of 400 kg, and females about 350 kg.

This was the second time in a week that he'd almost hit one of the creatures, he told CBC.

But he was still stunned by this most recent encounter for days afterward, saying his blatant cursing in the video was out of shock.

"I almost took the biggest bite out of a moose burger I ever ate," he said. "I was definitely not thinking about my language, that's for sure."

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