07/07/2016 11:34 EDT | Updated 07/07/2016 11:59 EDT

Amy Palmer Photo: Mom Wakes Up In Son's Hospital Room To Beautiful Moment

After Pennsylvania dad Andre Palmer had worked all night at his third shift job, he still managed to get to his son’s hospital bedside.

Palmer’s 20-month-old son A.J. was admitted to York Hospital Pediatrics after suffering an asthma attack, KTLA 5 reports. When the dad arrived after his shift, his wife Amy was asleep in a chair.

When Amy later woke, she saw her husband sleeping under her son’s hospital crib. She then took a photo and posted it to Facebook where it has now gone viral with over 3,000 likes.

In her post, Amy praised her husband for his dedication to their family, adding that he deserves the Father of the Year award.

“I thought to myself after working all night he didn’t have to come to the hospital,” the mom told KTRK. “He could have went home to sleep.”

Many Facebook users were also touched by the dad’s sweet dedication to his son. In the comments, one woman wrote: “I don't know you but I had to comment on your photo, there is so much evil in the world today and that just touched me!! That picture is [worth] a 1000 words!!! Prayers to you and your precious family!!!”

“Ok I just started crying!!!!” another said. “We need more dads like him!”

“I would have never imagined that [the photo] would have touched so many people.”

In just two days, Amy’s photo racked up hundreds of likes, shares and comments on Facebook, from friends and strangers alike.

I am so overwhelmed with so much emotion right now,” the mom wrote in a new post on Thursday. “I would have never imagined that [the photo] would have touched so many people.”

According to Amy, her husband was “literally exhausted” after he finished working and had dropped off their daughter to daycare early that morning.

“I didn't leave him there,” she continued. “I quickly got him up into the bed/chair I was sleeping in, but not before taking the picture that I felt spoke volumes about the good person, husband, and father he truly is. Our son is doing much better and is now at home resting. Thanks again for all of the support, we truly are so appreciative!!!!”


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