New Oxford Dictionary Words In 2016 Include 'LMAO,' 'Glamping,' And 'Hockey Mom'

Hey, words you already know!
Opened book with flying letters on concrete background
Opened book with flying letters on concrete background

They are words a majority of us have been saying and texting for the past few years.

"LMAO" (laughing my ass off), "LMFAO" (laughing my f**king ass off), "ROLF" (rolling on the floor laughing), and even "glamping" (glam camping) have finally been added to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) for 2016.

The full list, which includes plenty of new words, also include new sub entries and new senses — words defined as nouns, adjectives and verbs.

"A slew of initialisms associated with the social media, emails, texts, and other electronic means of communication are placed in their historical context for the first time in this update," senior assistant editor Jonathan Dent of the OED said in a statement.

Popular words and phrases we're used to texting like "SMH" (shakes my head), "TBH" (to be honest), and "TTYL" (talk to you later) have also been added to the list. In fact, in 2015, Oxford Dictionaries' word of the year wasn't even a word — it was the laughing/crying emoji instead.

Other words that stood out to us in 2016's list include "scooby snack" (a bite-sized treat), "agender (designating people who do not identify themselves as belonging to a particular gender), and "wedding tackle" (um, British slang for penis).

Check out the full list of words here and see if you pass OED's definition test (we got 7/10).


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