07/09/2016 04:31 EDT | Updated 07/09/2016 04:59 EDT

Baby Beaver Rescued In Calgary Is Pure Canadian Cuteness

He clearly knows the healing powers of a relaxing bath.

Sometimes a relaxing bath is all you need to feel better. This baby beaver agrees.

A beaver kit was found alone, and roughed up on a Calgary-area golf course last month, the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation wrote in a Facebook post.

Fortunately, he's recovering just fine.

In the video embedded above, he's relaxing in a small pool tossing water over himself and scrubbing up his fur.

Conservationists are guessing the critter is just four to six weeks old and according to CBC News, they're puzzled about why he was found abandoned.

Beavers are extremely bonded with their kits and don't normally separate from their young.

The baby was found with an injured tail, which has led Institute executive director Holly Duvall to believe he was picked up and dropped by a predator, Global News reports.

The little guy is gaining weight and is happily seeking contributions for his care!

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