07/11/2016 01:17 EDT | Updated 07/11/2016 01:59 EDT

Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk's Wimbledon Moment Is A Masterclass In Awkward

A fairly awkward video of Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend at Sunday's Wimbledon final had social media lit with speculation.

The clip shows the actor trying to talk to supermodel Irina Shayk, who appears to be wiping away tears. She doesn't reply and he turns his eyes toward the court.

The video has been shared thousands of times on Twitter, and many users were wondering if Cooper was in "the doghouse."

"Bradley Cooper trying not to have a fight with his girlfriend in the middle of Wimbledon," tweeted one user.

But that's not the case, apparently. An insider told E Online that the couple weren't fighting. "Everything is fine," the source said. "Things are getting more serious between them."

Still, that didn't stop Twitter from unleashing a barrage of jokes about the weird moment.

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