07/11/2016 03:34 EDT | Updated 07/11/2016 03:59 EDT

Canadians Prefer Chocolate Ice Cream Over Vanilla, Survey Finds

A new survey reveals our frozen dessert preferences.

Prepare yourselves for a lot of heated (ice-cold?) debates.

According to a new survey, Canadians prefer chocolate ice cream over vanilla.

Leger Marketing found that 31 per cent prefer chocolate flavours, while 21 per cent would pick vanilla, according to a press release from Baskin-Robbins.

The survey, released during National Ice Cream Month, also reveals more sweet details about our ice cream priorities — nearly four in ten Canadians eat it at least once a week.

Two-thirds of us prefer our frozen desserts served in a cone, while only 55 per cent opt for a waffle bowl or cup (seriously, who ever wants a cup?) and 47 per cent pick sundaes.

Check out the breakdown of ice cream preferences in the infographic below:

However, our love of chocolate ice cream may not extend to soft serve. McDonald's discontinued their chocolate cones years ago, leaving a few frustrated consumers expressing their confusion online over the years. Was there not enough demand? Did we say something that upset them?

We've reached out to McDonald's Canada with this question, and will update the post when they respond.

The Leger survey also reveals which gender has more of a sweet tooth. Women are more likely to claim it as their reason for indulging, with 70 per cent using that rationale compared to 62 per cent of men.

"Satisfying a sweet tooth is more important than one might think," Baskin-Robbins representative Natalie Joseph says in the press release.

"Pleasing the palate with sweet treats is one of the finer moments in life, and we all need to celebrate these moments."

You're right, Natalie. It's a noble pursuit.


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