07/12/2016 03:53 EDT | Updated 07/12/2016 03:59 EDT

► Family Gets Unexpectedly TP'ed In The Middle Of Calgary Road Trip

One family's road trip got unexpectedly messy Sunday when their truck was accidentally TP'ed on the road in Calgary.

The Weeks family was driving along Sarcee Trail when long ribbons of toilet paper streamed out from the flatbed full of Porta Potties ahead, entangling their vehicle.

"Really? Why?" laughs dad Phillip Weeks as his kids giggle uncontrollably in the backseat. He asked his wife Jessica, filming the hilarious situation on video, to "break that off the mirror."

"My whole truck is covered in toilet paper," he moans as his kids keep laughing.

Watch the Weeks' hilarious video above.

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