07/12/2016 11:56 EDT | Updated 07/13/2016 12:59 EDT

The Tenors' Reaction To Remigio Pereira's 'All Lives Matter' Lyrics Says It All

This is super awkward.

Who would have thought the MLB All-Star game would be overshadowed by an anthem controversy from a Canadian quartet?

During the pre-game performance of "O Canada," The Tenors' Remigio Pereira sang: "We're all brothers and sisters, all lives matter to the great," replacing the original lyrics, "With glowing hearts we see thee rise, the True North strong and free."

It was obviously not planned, because just look at the other tenors' reactions:

The band quickly apologized for the altered lyrics and blamed them squarely on Pereira.

In a statement released just hours after the performance, the group said the singer acted as a "lone wolf" and said he would not be performing with them until further notice.

There was no mention of the term WTF, but we're sure they were thinking it.

The performance sparked a wave of online outrage online over both the sanctity of Canada's national anthem, and the use of "all lives matter," which has been criticized by the Black Lives Matter movement and its supporters for diminishing their struggle for equality.

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