07/13/2016 03:37 EDT | Updated 07/13/2016 04:59 EDT

CSIS Twitter Account Aims To Make Agency 'More Accessible'

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service, or CSIS as it's affectionately called, is now on Twitter.

On Wednesday, the agency posted its first tweet to the social network.

"Yes, we're on Twitter. Now it's your turn to follow us," it said, invoking the hilarious topic of surveillance.

Users responded to the tweet while keeping up with the knee-slapping tone set by the agency.

The Communications Security Establishment welcomed them to the site and offered some advice.

CSIS director Michel Coulombe said in a statement that the Twitter account is a "step" in strengthening dialogue between the service and Canadians.

"The Canadian Security Intelligence Service recognizes that a modern organization needs to communicate using modern means," he said.

"Speaking publicly on the nature of our work isn’t always easy, but we want CSIS to be more accessible, and want to help the public understand more about our work."

Is CSIS' first tweet as good as the CIA's debut? We'll leave that for you to decide. (Just kidding, they probably already know!)

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